A Social Dental Practice Builds Trust

social dental

Dental practices need to build trust with their patients. When there is trust, everything happens quickly; where there is a lack of trust, everything takes longer. If you have low treatment acceptance and feel like you are spending a lot of valuable chair time trying to educate patients on dentistry, it could be that your patients don't trust you. One of the best ways to overcome that is to use social proof.

New patients who come into your practice from referrals or from seeing photos of the team, the office, and happy patients on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Yahoo, Bing, etc., are going to be a higher quality than those who come solely from a mailer or other media. They come into your office with more trust, knowing that others choose your practice and look happy.

Social Dental Services

  • Optimized Social Media Profiles
  • Daily Posts on Instagram and Facebook
  • Google Plus, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp Updates
  • Reviews on Google Plus and Yelp
  • Monthly YouTube Videos
  • Weekly Pinterest Posts
  • Custom Social Media Patient Signs

Social media requires time, and can be very effective when used correctly. If social media is not optimized and consistent, it could actually be worse for your practice (think of a patient looking at your Facebook page with fewer than 50 likes, no reviews, and the most recent post was over 30 days' ago). We have seen high-quality new patients come from our consistent efforts across multiple social media platforms.

We highly recommend using social media every day. With our systems you will have someone solely dedicated to your marketing and social media plan that works with your team to make sure your social media efforts pay off.


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