Month-to-Month Plans

Based on annual collections. No annual contracts!

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Common Questions

Is there a long-term contract?
No. We are a month-to-month service, dedicated to proving our value each month.

Is it hard to switch accountants?
We have made the process very straightforward and can work with your existing accountant. We can transition your accounting data and payroll very easily, not missing a payroll period.

Do you only work with dentists?
Yes, we currently work exclusively with dentists so we can provide a focused offering.

Do you do personal tax filings?
Yes. We offer discounted personal tax filings to our clients. By working with you on the business filings, we can optimize your personal finances and offer filings at a less expensive rate.

Why do you have different prices based on annual collections?
An office with collections greater than $1.2 million tends to have more team members. Unlike a lot of accountants, we do not charge separate processing fees for each employee per payroll period. However, these costs are real on our end. Also, greater collections typically means more transactions and expenses going through the practice. This takes more time to classify.

What if I/we own multiple practices?
We have clients who own multiple practices and our systems, accounting, and dashboard are an excellent fit for doctors who want to own multiple practices. We do offer a multiple practice discount under certain circumstances. Contact us to find out more.