Elevate's Dental Dashboard Gives You Deep Insight


In the early days of running a practice, we used spreadsheets, spent hours exporting numbers from Dentrix and Eaglesoft, and used payroll dollars each month to enter our metrics by hand. While this was helpful in the beginning, we were wasting valuable human capital just trying to know our numbers. We were serious about effective and efficient dental practice management and this was slowing down our progress.

After surveying the existing dashboards on the market and not finding them as feature-rich or as price effective as we needed, we decided to build our own. So we hired a developer who set out to build a custom dental dashboard that would give us accurate numbers in real time so that team members could know whether they were hitting their goals (do your team members have a metric they are responsible for?). No more garbage in, garbage out. And no more time wasted entering our numbers in complex spreadsheets.

Dashboard Services

  • Cloud-based Dashboard
  • Accessible from Any Device
  • Updated in Real Time
  • Practice Management Metrics
  • Accounting Metrics

We now connect practices to our dashboard so they can see their numbers in real-time relative to their goals. By making the numbers visual and using colors to know whether they are hitting their goals or not, it is very easy to see which systems are not being implemented. This makes it easier to conduct targeted trainings on ways to improve the practice. Instead of flying blindly, dentists and office managers are able to pilot their practices and are more likely to navigate successfully. The dashboard combined with Elevate's Dental Systems gives private practices a competitive edge at an affordable price.