Elevate's Dental Business Systems Provide a Foundation for Your Team


Elevate Practices was born out of applying dental business systems across multiple practices. We began with one practice and implemented systems, tweaked, continued refining and improving, and finally arrived at a scalable business model. We then implemented our systems across multiple practices.  

Systems facilitate growth, scalability, replicability, and predictability. Systems are what make franchises more successful than opening a privately-owned business. Fortunately, we provide our systems to all Elevate clients so that you can own your practice and benefit from proven systems that reduce stress and increase income.

Systems also make training easier. In a typical organization, training is often left up to the person training a replacement or new employee. How does Chick-fil-A instill the "My Pleasure" response in 16 year old kids who are reluctant to listen to their parents yet will cooperate in saying those 2 words repeatedly. It is through systems, training, and culture. Systems are more objective, less personal, and can be fixed easier than personalities and attitudes. When done correctly, they have a unifying effect. 

Dental Business Systems

  • Systems to Run Every Aspect of Your Practice
  • Intranet for Your Team
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Each Team Member
  • Practice Checklists
  • Access to Leadership Meetings

As practices apply the dental business systems we developed working in practices, they see more efficiencies, a stronger team ethic, and a more consistent high-producing practice. Our systems will allow you to deliver on your dental marketing and exceed your patients' needs and expectations. With monthly webinars and leadership meetings 3 times a year, we ensure your team is trained to effectively carry out systems.



A practice FMX is a full analysis of your practice, so you can see how you compare to industry standards. We will analyze your expenses and overhead, marketing and general practice health – all for FREE.